Shakespeare on Love and Power and Life Choices

he after honor hunts I after love“He after honour hunts, I after love:
He leaves his friends to dignify them more,
I leave myself, my friends and all, for love.”
(Two Gentlemen of Verona act 1, sc. 1)

Tips for use.  Excellent explanation as to why your career is or has not been as brilliant, when compared to a successful Wall Street banker who was your school mate. If you do not have an immediate person to compare yourself with, change ‘He after honor hunts’ to ‘Some after honor hunt’. Of course all this assumes that you agree with the philosophy of Proteus (see section ‘In the Play’ below). In certain settings it could be an ironic answer during an interview.
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In the play. Valentine, who proclaims himself to be resistant to the allurements of love, has left Verona for Milan to seek a career in the retinue of the Duke of Milan. Proteus remains in Verona to cultivate his love for Julia and meditates on the difference between himself and Valentine.

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