Shakespeare on Love at First Sight

Whoever loved that loved not at first sightWho ever loved that loved not at first sight?” (As You Like It, act 3, sc. 5)

Tips for Use.  The theme of love at first sight is frequent in Shakespeare’s plays. Maybe because questions such as ‘When did you first like me?’ or ‘When did you begin to love me?’ or similar, are a recurrent topic in intimate romantic conversations. Besides, ladies (and, who knows, some males too), like to think that they made an immediate appeal, irrespective of how long it took for the relationship to develop. Therefore should you ever find yourself the recipient of this questions, today’s quote is the perfect answer.
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In the play. Silvius loves Phebe but Phebe has a crush on the disguised Rosalind whom she (Phebe) believes to be a boy and let’s leave it at that. All sorts of mishaps ensue, but in the end Silvius marries Phebe and Rosalind, having dropped her disguise, marries Orlando, the hero of the play.

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