Shakespeare on Authority and the Power of Lobbying

quote from Trolius and Cressida authority as a stubborn bear“… And though authority be a stubborn bear, yet he is oft led by the nose with gold.” (Winter’s Tale act 4, sc. 3)

Tips for Use.  Excellent comment to instances of corruption of anyone in authority. Or a very applicable metaphor for the relentless and inexorable lobbying of sundry politicians in exchange for campaign contributions.
Admittedly, this is the discovery of warm water, but we must  pretend to believe it is not so. The Shakespearean character who utters these lines had not, as yet, discovered the art of political correctness. It is a good quote for a presentation if you are for reform of campaign contribution policies.
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In the play. The clown confers with the sly Autolycus on how to get some concessions from the authorities.

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