Who are the People in the Quiz?

Image of a QuizGiven that, for any current political or social event, there is a wealth of interpretations, from the simplest to the most elaborate, I will not add yet another comment. For I resent the idea of telling others what they already know – or most do anyway.

Furthermore I wonder whether, in the current climate of thought, crime and politics, we should resign ourselves to watch silently the flying arrows of outrageous prevarications and crimes – Gaza comes to mind as one example. Considering that taking arms against evil and by opposing end it, is delusional, for the conformism of silence and the distortion of facts by interested parties can hide the grossest crimes.

Instead, in this blog, I will challenge my 25 readers to solve a riddle, designed after I finished reading a relatively short book, of which the intended objective will become clear, once the riddle is solved.

From the book I have extracted the most significant statements, leaving out what people or nation the propositions refer to. Or rather, whenever the name of the nation or people appear in the original, I have replaced them with “XXX.” Therefore, if, for example, the book referred to Klingons, “XXX” would stand alternatively for,

*** the Klingons
*** the land of the Klingons
*** the state of Klingonland
*** the people of Klingonland
*** Klingonism

You are invited to guess who is/are the XXX people and what XXX nation is the recipient of the affirmations and proposals contained in the book. All citations are authentic. Dots at the beginning or in the middle of a quote, indicate the presence (in the original), of supplementary clauses or qualifications, omitted here for concision, but that do not alter in any way the meaning of the statement.

This book was written in our historic times. Some may be surprised when they read the author’s proposed solution to the problem he identifies.

Naturally it may reduce the thrill, however modest, if you look for the solution before you have read the quotes and, maybe, meditated on the frame of mind that inspired the book. Equally, at the end,I will offer some related testimonials printed by the US mainstream media, at a time when sincerity was not yet politically incorrect.

“… of (XXX)… they are people who cherish darkness”

“… There will always be a XXX”

“… This nation (XXX) must be prepared to pay a total penalty.”

“ … (hatred) exists as a whole in the XXX nation”

“ (we)… must make certain that the vicious fangs of the XXX serpent shall never strike again.”

“… Nothing else would assure humanity’s safety and security, but that that XXX be forever expunged, and the diseased carcass which harbors it be forever removed from this world.”

“… (the XXX are people) whose souls exude no spiritual warmth; one pities them.”

“We need not condemn the XXX people. They stand self-condemned. For each suffices to read and hear those words written and spoken only by XXX”

“… they have lost the wish to be human beings…. This is an objective viewpoint, carefully considered and factually sustained.”

… “the XXX are an execrable people!”

“Time cannot change the infernal XXX breed, whatever its label.”

“… The suffering of their people are the best description of the XXX character, methods, and final aims.”

“… (the XXX thought) is a bud whose nourishment is drawn not from an isolated branch but from the very roots of the XXX soul.”

“… The goal of world dominion must be removed from the reach of the XXX people and the only way to accomplish that is to remove the XXX nation from the world.”

“It is in every respect a (XXX) deliberate, ruthlessly calculated plot to dominate the world or, failing that, to annihilate it.”

“(The aim of world domination)… will, if the schizophrenic XXX nation continue to exist, wreck the policies and actions of any party in control of XXX in the future.”

“… The world will feel their sting so long as (other people) continue to tolerate XXX on the earth, for those XXX traits are the same as those which, emanating from the XXX soul, animated the XXX tribes of yore.”

“… through foisting wars upon the world, the XXX nation is destined to become the super-state of the universe, and to hold its people in thralldom.”

“(these ideas of superiority)… are very definitely existing as inherent in the XXX character and innate in his soul.”

“Lying and deceit are encouraged as being a foundation stone for XXX policy.”

“As far back as 1895 various XXX writers and policy makers were already prophesying how and when the ideological goal of XXX world-dominion would be attained.”

“These prophets were by no means few in number; there exists a large number of serious works by XXX authors in which the destiny of their nation is elaborately worked out in full detail and the deification of XXX as a superior race depicted.”

“(According to them), everybody (will be) happy because all the XXX will be united and will be ruling the world.”

“Another professor, (name omitted) added that the XXX should build a state within a state, in the United States.”

“As she does today, XXX has always laughed at any actual resistance from the United States, consistently declaring the United States to be nothing more than, to use the words of a XXX, a heterogeneous melange of crass jingoists having no pure racial blood to build upon… A land and a people to be easily vanquished, at any time, by the superior XXX.”

“The time will assuredly come, when the nation of XXX, during the confusion caused by some international event, will have the opportunity to dominate America.”

“XXX intellect, XXX culture, XXX emotion, politics, in fact all things XXX, are each but a tiny rivulet feeding with its water the mighty rushing stream which is the XXX soul.”

“… if what I find in these sources is a capacity to think like the XXX, I would rather cease thinking that all. It is the absolute negation of everything which in the past tended to the elevation of mankind, and the installation in place thereof of a system of thorough dishonesty, emphasized by stupidity. There is a low cunning about it too, which is to me in the last degree repulsive.”

“Because she made no effort thousands of years ago to become civilized, XXX today is an outsider among all civilized nations.”

“The deliberate and perverse distortions of what should have been a sane and normal course of development, now gives to XXX and her people the capacity unexcelled by any other people on earth, for fostering and propagating every indecent and inhuman precept of life.”
“ … how much misery, suffering, death and destruction are needed before it becomes apparent to the world that any compromise with XXX will, of itself, be a certain guarantee that soon after, XXX must embark upon her unholy crusade to dominate it?”

“Is it possible for the world, in any manner, to find some compromise that would allow both it and XXX to exist side-by-side in peace and justice?… We should like to hope so; but the history of that nation cuts the hope out of our heart.”

“XXX must disappear forever from this earth! And fortunately, as we shall now come to see, that is no longer impossible of accomplishment.”

“Quite naturally, massacre and the wholesale execution must be ruled out…. There remain then but one more means of riddling the world forever of XXX…. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough.”

“(The program entails)…. organizing the civilian population, both male and female, and effect their sterilization.”

And here is the solution of the riddle. The author of this remarkable book was the Jewish Theodore Kaufman, and the title was “Germany Must Perish.” Therefore for “XXX” you must insert, German, Germans, the German Nation, the State of Germany, Germanism.

What did the US mainstream media think of “Germany must Perish” ?

“A Sensational Idea” (Time Magazine)
“A Provocative Theory Interestingly Presented” (Washington Post)
“A Plan for Permanent Peace Among Civilized Nations” (New York Times)

Theodore Kaufman was born in New York, February 22, 1910 and died in Orange, New Jersey on April 1, 1986). He was a businessman with a penchant for mass sterilization at large.

For in 1939, as “Chairman of the American Federation of Peace,” he published manifestos where he argued that Americans should be sterilized so that their children will no longer have to fight in foreign wars.

But in 1941, mellowed by the stealing hours of time, he wrote and published “Germany Must Perish!” Perhaps understandably, ideas of mass sterilization of Germans, as the reviews indicate, were more heartily welcomed by the American press than the mass sterilization of Americans.

In his book, Kaufman also shows utter contempt for all German culture, scientists, teachers, writers, theologians, statesmen and philosophers, including Kant and Hegel, to name but two. Curiously, Karl Marx was not included.

Perhaps he would have liked to add Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Wagner, Strauss and others – for he did not distinguish between Austrians and Germans.

Maybe in the instance, he opted for tacit omission rather than controversial inclusion. For eyes and minds may tire at reading Kant or Hegel, hence contempt is not likely to raise many eyebrows. But the ears behave differently. Why risk questionable objections when the press was ready for lavishing praise.

On the other hand, Kaufman’s opus became a useful tool for Germany’s propaganda. The point is so obvious as to call into question Kaufman’s intentions – thus opening a disturbing lateral line of thought.

For Judea, as a super-national body, had already declared war on Germany in 1933, as reported by various newspaper headlines. For example,

“Judea Declares War on Germany” (Daily Express, March 24, 1933) –
or by The Vancouver Express,
“War to Death Against the German People,” etc.

Therefore, was it helpful for the Jews in Germany to have the fire further stoked by a book calling for the actual extermination of the German people?

I will let more qualified minds answer the question. Unquestionable, though, is the spirit of the book. The accusations levied by our author against the Germans, have the ring of what qualified psychologists call “projection,” assigning to others the darkness of one’s own thought.

By itself, the interpretation of ‘projection’ may be arbitrary. But it is not, when compared with some teachings, declarations and statements made by eminent members of Mr. Kaufman’s co-religionists.

To quote an example. Mr. Trump’s Jewish son-in-law and his wife, converted to Judaism, apparently belong to a “Chabad Lubavitch” Synagogue. As I read, “Chabad Lubavitch is today one of the world’s best known Hasidic movements and is well known for its outreach.”

And in the “Jewish Week,” a well known Jewish publication in the United States, we find statements as follow, made by Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh, belonging to the Chabad Lubavitch movement. “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value. There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”

Many may probably say, “So what?” Everybody is entitled to his own opinions. But even the most open-minded observer cannot help reading, in considerations of this type, the blessing of the slaughter of today’s Palestinians and perhaps tomorrow’s Iranians. And the day after tomorrow, who knows?

For Supreme Israel’s Rabbi Ovadia Josef,  deceased a few years ago, and whose funeral was attended by the largest crowd in Israel, also said (as quoted from “The Times of Israel”),

“Hurricane Katrina was divine punishment for godlessness and American support for the disengagement from Gaza.”

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi (oriental lord) and eat… That is why gentiles were created.” …And other similar finesses.

Some gentiles may be flattered by these prospects – or at least so it seems by the lavish and unanimous praise of Israel by politicians, congressmen, senators, lobbyists and, of course, the President in Washington. But others may still dare ask themselves if there is something they missed or did not understand.


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