Connections Dreamt in our Philosophy

There are more things in heaven and eartth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your pbhilosophy, an illustration from Shakespeare's HamletThere are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

(Hamlet, act 1, sc. 5)

Or, rather, there are apparently unconnected things, which, at closer inspection, seem linked by a logical thread. This article points to a sample of such things and to their common thread.

Given that corporate news is but corporate ideology, it’s natural for the news to dismiss as ridiculous all attempts to report the inconsistencies and the crimes produced by the ideology and their interconnection.

Ideology is an interesting word (coined, incidentally, by the French philosopher Destudd deTracy in 1796 – in the thick of the French Revolution). It is the composite of two words, “idea”, meaning an archetype, a concept that may have come down from God – and the other Greek word “legein” that is, to discuss. Ideology then, is a statement or discussion about ideas. In the most current usage we can define ideology as a sanctioned or authoritative doctrine not supported by rational argument.

Ideology acts as a kind of triple waiver or triple exemption: intellectual, practical and moral.

The intellectual exemption consists of retaining only facts favorable to the thesis that one supports – often by inventing them, and by denying, forgetting or omitting others to prevent them from being known.

The practical exemption consists of denying the value of any objection or confutation, however factual and logical. In fact, one of the functions of an ideology is to fabricate the explanations that absolve it.

And finally the moral explanation, or waiver, abolishes any notion of good and evil for the ideological players. Or rather, for the ideological players, ideology becomes a substitute of morality.

Still in the realm of definitions, “conspiracy theory” is another all-encompassing expression used by the Cabal to dismiss deductions unpalatable to its own ideology. Where ‘Cabal’ is a comprehensive word referring to the 10,000-plus paid and paying corporate lobbyists, the Anglo-Zionists controlling the media and Hollywood, the academics paid to make up the sundry “Stink Tanks” that formulate government policies, the mega-bankers, the so-called military-industrial complex, and the off-the-charts ruffians and lick-spittlers, holding court to all the parties above.

Now, if some brave soul rather than deductions, exposes actual facts, that soul is severely punished through jail (whistleblowers), defamation and exile (Snowden), ostracism and siege (Assange), and other forms of punishment (including torture, particularly if the tortured’s skin is brown).

Equally, there are things, more in earth than heaven, which, other than a hidden thread, betray colossal ridicule. Like, for example, the meeting of billionaires in Davos, with dinners at $1000,00 a plate, and hotel rooms at $3,000.00 a night. These characters, who mistake their own shadows for gods, and who even when defecating, defecate  money, gathered in a super-expensive Swiss resort to resolve the problem of world-poverty.

Or take the recent UK case of the Russian spy Litvinenko, apparently killed by a dose of radiation planted in his tea – a black-humored revival of Borgian poisoning techniques, made famous by Lucretia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

The inquiry was conducted, interrupted, frozen and restarted as a function of whatever political and PR points the UK government wanted to score with the so called ‘public.’ PR to explain or excuse a more or less belligerent stance towards Russia.

The verdict, pronounced by a particularly pompous baronet-judge, while assigning the responsibility to Putin, included 35 statements whose truth was ‘probable’ and 29 whose truth was ‘possible.’ However, any evidence about the probability, possibility or veracity of the statements had to remain secret for ‘national security.’

Discounting the government-controlled press and the BBC, the affair transformed the defunct Litvinenko into a key figure of international espionage. Whereas, even a brief research among the available sources, shows him as being a minor figure, half policeman and half office boy, until, looking for better pastures, he defected to England, obtaining employment (if true), with the UK Intelligent Service.

Meanwhile, even the brother and father of the victim claim that the whole story (apart from Alexander Litvinenko’s actual death), is a fake.

The Litvinenko inquiry closely resembles the inquiry about the downing of flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine. Officially, there is no question that Russia shot down the plane, but all related information must remain secret, including the conversation between the pilots, between the pilots and the control tower, and any other data – while the accused, Russia and/or the Donbass separatists, were banned from participating in the inquiry.

Not to mention 9/11, slowly but steadily sliding into the sink-hole of fading history. Where the details of the report on who financed the operation (i.e Saudi Arabia) must remain secret, once more for ‘national security.’ Not to speak of the actual brains behind the project, who, given the ominous track record of Saudi Arabian failure in just about any venture, must be found somewhere else.

Most recently Obama visited the citizens of Flint (Michigan), forlorn, neglected, insulted and mass-poisoned by tainted water. Obama began his visit by claiming to be “proud of what I have done as president.” As if the disenfranchised people of the abyss(a)  could care less about his words, his pride or his presence.

Short summary for our international readers. An unelected official (one of various African-Americans enrolled in the Cabal to fake racial integration), was paid a huge salary to “supervise” the bankruptcy of the city. One of his unchallenged decisions was a costs-saving measure – that is, switching the water supply to the heavily polluted Flint river. Not the usual pollution either. Water stinks and is actually yellow in color. Nearby, one parts manufacturer even stopped using that water as a cleaner, for it promptly corroded the parts they washed with it.

The effect on humans is imaginable – people became sick. It took almost one year for the city government to recognize the problem, after accusing the intrepid chemist who analyzed the water, of alarmism, inaccuracy and (maybe), lack of national pride – the same pride proclaimed by the visiting Obama.

Thanks to the web, we are now able to visually observe the literally destroyed countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen etc. – destroyed by, or thanks to, America, for the sake of democracy. Almost a carbon copy of Vietnam, with cluster bombs instead of agent orange. Equally, we are more-or-less able to follow the gigantic financial frauds perpetrated by banks too-big-to-fail and by their traders too-big-to-jail.

Still, the Cabal knows how to create the antibodies that remove any possible popular fever and possibility for uncomfortable changes in the prevailing  ideology. The medicine comes from Hollywood, for Hollywood is the infantry of ideology.

To allay the anger of the poor, of the uneducated, the unemployed, the underemployed and disenfranchised, what better way than producing a film showing that all the problems are due to a small cadre of unsavory characters. This is the objective of a recent Hollywood movie, “The Big Short” – to induce the belief, in the credulous public, that the blows it receives are inflicted by the Wall Street’s corrupted few. Whereas, in reality, corruption is programmed from above and a product of current ideology. It is general, endemic and irreversible, like a terminal cancer.

But returning to our theme, it seems that with every new unbelievable explanation of an event, the bar of unbelievability is raised, as if to find how high it can go, or whether there can be an upper limit. Considering that journalists and news-people would automatically lose their job, should they raise any doubt about the story they are commanded to write. Meaning that their existence is guaranteed only by committingv treason against truth.

Perhaps it is the ease of discovering them, that makes the deceptions stand-out so mountainously absurd.

In a semi-science-fiction novel by Jack London, the hero, miraculously elected to Congress, but marked for destruction, addresses his colleagues as follows,

“I know nothing that I may say can influence you. You have no souls to be influenced. You are spineless, flaccid things. You pompously call your sounds Republican and Democrat. There is no Republican Party. There is no Democratic Party. There are no Republicans or Democrats in this house. You are lick-spittlers and panderers, the creatures of the plutocracy. You talk verbosely in antiquated terminology of your love of liberty, and all the while you wear the scarlet servants’ livery of the Iron Heel.”

This was written in the early 1900… – the Iron Heel being another name for the current updated Cabal, referred to earlier on.

What is then the not-so-elusive connecting thread in the randomly-chosen reported events? Assistant secretary of state Victoria Nudelman (Nuland) comes to mind, along with her exhortation to “fuck the Europeans” who may have had reservations about her choices of government officials in the “liberated” Ukraine.

The thread is visible to all but those who wish not to see. Behind the gloss, the fanfare, and the tide of pomp beating upon the high shores of the world (in Davos, Washington, London or Brussels),(1) the truth can only be gleaned, as with Nudelman, in conversations meant to be unheard but by the Cabal. Revealing the truth, would indeed crack national security. For, discounting all pomp and circumstance, the current function of government is to fuck its own people. And the people, though puny items of irrelevance, are the actual enemy.

But we can draw consolation from philosophy’s sweet milk (2). Who knows, a few hundred years hence, the current neo-liberal, imperialistic, turbo-capitalistic age of ours, in the scheme of social evolution, will be seen as resembling the earlier monkey stage.

Or, as Bassanio said to Shylock,

“Thou almost mak’st me waver in my faith
To hold opinion with Pythagoras,
That souls of animals infuse themselves
Into the trunks of men” (3)

(and that, I am afraid, is offending the animals).

  1. Henry V
  2. Romeo and Juliet
  3. Merchant of Venice

a) “people of the abyss” is a definition by H.G. Wells

  • In the play (opening quote). Hamlet, still under the spell of the apparition of the Ghost, shares his feelings with his loyal friend Horatio.


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