Shakespeare, the Boston Bombing and Truth, Hidden or in Plain View

If circumstances lead me, I will find Where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed Within the centre“If circumstances lead me, I will find
Where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed
Within the centre.”

(Hamlet, act 2, sc. 2)

Comment. It is too early to know the whole story behind of the Boston bombing – if we will ever know. But from a minimally logical consideration, “it must follow as the night the day” that the massive pomp, circumstance, fanfare, ritual, pageant and grandeur of the “Homeland Security” apparatus has proven essentially useless.

The citizenry is routinely subject to sexual harassment in order to board a plane. But one thought must not have occurred to the illuminati. A lone terrorist among the often-immense queue of people waiting to be X-rayed at an airport could probably kill and maim as many as would be killed by an air crash.

In fact, I suspect that the think-tankists may already be prepared for it. That is, expect an endless multiplication of personal checks and new state-of-the-art equipment to register not only voices but thoughts. Welcome George Orwell’s thought-police! Whereupon any person disgusted and ready to vomit at the US foreign policy of imperialism, bullying, slaughter, torture, regime changes, drones, “colored” revolutions, CIA, NGOs etc. is de-facto a potential terrorist.

Meanwhile what will be cut from Social Security, Medicare and Schools will feed the burgeoning “defence” and “homeland security” industry – and the lobbyists and their masters will proverbially laugh all the way to the bank.

Authority may be a stubborn bear” when it comes to social spending, but “it can be led by the nose with gold” when it comes to lobbying for “defence”.

We have seen a prelude in the impressive military tank-and-dowdy show in Boston, where literally an army was deployed and 100 square miles of city were declared off limits to her inhabitants. Wait for the movie or the TV serial with commercials by McDonald, Coca Cola and Good Cholesterol drugs.

Still, there is a Euclidian parallel between Sep 11 and the Boston Bombing – the only minor variant is the geography.

Remember Reagan’s mujahidins, the “freedom fighters” armed and trained by the CIA to upset the Soviet Union? The payback (whether concocted or real) was 9/11.

More recently, the CIA and Israel (which is really the same thing, Congress being “Israeli Occupied Territory” as per ex-presidential candidate Pat Buchanan), have been planning regime changes in various countries, including Chechnya and vicinity.  The idea is to attempt to break up Russia, last hurdle to complete world domination. In the instance, as there was no longer an issue of “communism”, the mantra was its next best thing, “religion”.

However, it turns out that the “religious” angle of the Caucasus runs counter to the Zionist goals. Once more, regrettably, paying for the misunderstanding are not the masterminds of the disaster, but the innocent. Innocent who probably find it difficult to locate on the map Chechnya, Dagestan or other areas of Central Asia and the Middle East.

But the slaughter of the innocents, for the powers that be, is “collateral damage”. “Another Pearl Harbor” was needed to spend trillions of dollars and millions of lives to attack and destroy several countries and subsequently steal their resources.

We now have had a “mini-Pearl-Harbor” and are eager to see its effects. Still, by masterminding the frenzy of reporting, it is clear that the corporate media has already scored a victory. Witness, for example, the spontaneous chorus of “God bless America” by people in the streets, to celebrate the arrest of a deranged and wounded 19 year old – by a complete army in combat gear with tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters and any thinkable and unthinkable ancillary equipment.

Of course the chanting raises another question. Why did not God decide to bless America a few days earlier, to prevent the bombing? And why God does not bless the minds of those who do not  (or pretend not to) understand one fundamental issue?

The issue is not “hid within the centre” but in plain view. Until Israel withdraws from the territories illegally occupied in the 1967 war the US-Israel imperialist combine will continue to be the target of universal hatred not only by the people directly involved but by all who share a common understanding of justice and civilization.

In the play. Polonius continues in his sermon to the king and queen about Hamlet’s state of mind.

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