Devil and Politics

Image of a devil for a Shakespearean quote“The devil knew not what he did when he made man politic; he crossed himself by ‘t.” (Timon of Athens act 3 sc.3)

Tips for Use. This truth has literally hundreds if not thousands of daily verifications especially inside the political-financial-military complex. To name a few examples, wholesale destruction of countries and people in the name of “democracy” – Central Banks printing money with no account of where the printed money goes – trillions of dollars consumed in endless wars and in the construction and destruction of weapons of mass destruction. Without including the thousands of Orwellian verbalisations in parliaments and corporations aimed at transforming a patent lie into an impossible truth.

In the Play. Timon of Athens is the symbol of careless generosity, love of the “good” life, and unjustified trust on supposed friends. At the time of Timon’s need all the friends who gorged themselves at his house refuse to help alleging various specious reasons. One of them is Sempronius on whom one of Timon’s faithful servants had called. On hearing Sempronius’ refusal the servant grimly reflects on the deviousness of human nature.

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