Agreement, enthusiastic endorsement

Good Purpose

May I never
To this good purpose, that so fairly shows,
Dream of impediment.
(Antony and Cleopatra act 2 sc. 2)

Tips for Use.Answer to ‘Do you agree?’, particularly if the agreement is an important compromise. Especially applicable in a political or diplomatic setting. Two parties historically and notoriously at odds with each other finally reach an agreement. This could be your comment even if you are not directly asked about your related opinion. In the book “Your Daily Shakespeare” you will find an ample source of applicable Shakespearean quotes on all types and shades of agreement between two or multiple parties. Plus a wealth of related memory-helping anecdotes.

In the play. Antony agrees to a proposal, put forward by Agrippa, that he, Antony, marries Octavia, Octavian’s sister, thus sealing the peace between the two political enemies.

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