Compliment…. an angel, answer to question

a Simone Martini angel for a Shakespeatre quote

Simone Martini's Angel

“By Jupiter an angel, or if not, an earthly paragon. Behold divineness” (Cymbeline.3.6)

Tips for Use. Show your astonishment at  female perfection even if perfection may not be complete. Remember that flattery is the infantry of negotiations (Oscar Wilde). Or  soothe her feelings in case of a previous disagreement leaving her to feel slighted.
“Behold divineness”” is equally a good answer to questions of the type, “Why are you looking at me?” when posed by a charming member of the gentle sex, “…I am beholding divineness.”

In the play. Imogen, disguised in man’s attire, shows up at Belarius’ rustic abode in the country and is met by Belarius’ two sons. Nobody but Belarius knows that the two boys are actually Imogen’s brothers whom he saved in their infancy from a dreadful end. Even in men’s clothes Imogen is so beautiful that the two brothers cannot help expressing their admiration. You will find more information, similar quotes and an extended range of applications in “Your Daily Shakespeare”

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