The Power of Myth

Image of Plato, the author or chronicler of the allegoty of the caveIt is sometimes easier to ascertain the ambiguities, disentangle the intricacies, and recover the meaning of events long past, than it is to recover the logic of events now current.

For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.

But there is another subtle cause at play. The human mind does not mirror a computer, nor it functions according to the Boolean logic, whose operators are ‘and’, ‘not’, ‘or’. It has others, such as ‘almost’, ‘maybe’, ‘some’, ‘as if’, ‘in part’, quite, not quite, etc. Which demonstrates a certain mind’s penchant for randomness. A randomness that is transposed into the natural languages, and is conveyed by the lexical operators of ambiguity.

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Quantitative Easing

cartoon of quantitative easingThe godfathers of modern banking have a lively lexical imagination. They invented a brave new vocabulary that simultaneously informs and misinforms, leads and misleads, darkens and enlightens, depresses and amuses – while inevitably taxing and confusing the understanding of the uninitiated.

Take ‘quantitative easing,’ for example. Scrambling for a meaning, the average mortal could possibly think of it as a sudden, massive, impetuous and welcome relief from lingering and oppressive constipation. Continue reading

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Questionable Anniversaries – The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Distance of time or place can reconcile complacent minds to wonderful narratives. Besides, the greatest part of mankind has no other reason for their opinion than they are in fashion.

The man involved in life is sometimes forced to believe without verification, and obliged to choose before he can examine. He is surprised by sudden alterations of the state of things, and changes his mind according to superficial appearances. He is led by others, either because he is indolent, or because he is timid; sometimes he is afraid to know what is right, and sometimes he finds friends or enemies deft and diligent in deceiving him. Continue reading

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Trump, Maduro and Balzac – Reflections on the Trumpian Revolution

It is tacitly assumed that  the American information industry produces notices and descriptions of actual events. Whereas it routinely delivers a narrative of adulterated facts and improbable fiction – the whole blended with a top-down imposition of Zionist ideology masquerading as national interest. I say ‘Zionist’ because a country in which the word of command comes from elsewhere is nothing more than a province. Which may explain many events unequivocally alien to American interest.

All this the world well knows (1)– at least the unknown percentage of those who like to think. However, especially with Venezuela, there has been, among media outlets and pundits, a remarkable recrudescence of the presumption of imbecility in the American public. Continue reading

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Six Million, 9/11, Iraq and Epstein

Cabalistic sign from the US dollarScratching the surface of things is akin to scratching a lottery ticket. The results are routinely disappointing, sometimes unexpected, sometimes exceptional.

I recently attended an online conference, held by an Italian researcher named Mario Biglino. Mr. Biglino has dedicated many years to producing a new translation of the Bible. His effort centered on verifying and correcting official translations of the Bible from the Hebrew and/or Aramaic. With particular attention to original words whose meaning, or case, or number have been modified, in his view, to fit a particular pre-conceived theological or pseudo-theological scheme. Continue reading

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The Goods, the Bad and the Ugly

Israel demolishes Palestinian houses and apartments in East JerusalemIn the instance, the goods are those boycotted by the BDS measure (Boycott-Divest-Sanctions), proposed in the American Congress.

The bad are the US congressmen and politicians who sold their soul to the Jews for thirty pieces of silver, and rejected even the symbolic and extremely platonic ‘non-binding’ initiative of boycotting goods tainted by crime, theft, barbarities of all sorts, and by the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

Actually, there is a better word for ‘soul’ as in ‘politicians who sold their soul’, but I will forbear to mention it out of my inviolable respect for the ladies. Continue reading

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How Many Putin(s)?

Not knowing who-is-who in the Russian government, only recently I learned of Nicolai Patrushev. He is reputed as “one of Putin’s closest and most trusted advisers,” who “has been the nerve center of most of Putin’s special operations,” and “was one of 24 Russians close to Putin subjected to sanctions by the United States.” Continue reading

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Glimpses of Europe

Back from a trip to Europe, I sketch down a few notes and observations. They are personal, and the patient reader may object to some of my conclusions. But this is, of course, inherent to the general elusiveness of truth.

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The Bottom of the Barrel

a graphic rendering of the bottom of a barrelIn patient resignation, most of us accept that the web of life is of a mingled yarn, (1) that good and ill go together, that our virtues may shine were it not for our faults – and that our sinfulness would induce despair, were it not redeemed by our virtues or, at least, by some atoning acts of charity or goodness.

Yet there are times when the surrounding prevailing powers of evil unite to reach the bottom of a barrel of perfidy, treason, debasement and viciousness – equally filled with the nauseous and abhorrent distillate of the seven capital sins.

Listing the products of evil would imply a priority among degradations, whereas I weigh the acts equally, and equally their performers. Continue reading

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Good-Bye Home Country

On Mar 19, 2019 an “Italian” school-bus driver, dumped several canisters of gasoline inside a school-bus full of students, and set it ablaze. It was a miracle that there were no victims.

The inverted quotes around “Italian” require an explanation. In line with the Kalergi Plan for the Western World – more later – Italian and European mainstream newspapers resort to lexical acrobatics to avoid disclosing the name of migrant offenders. Furthermore, to promote benevolence they frequently describe the nameless criminal with terms as “the boy” (il ragazzo), even when the “boy” is later discovered to be in his 30s – a poorly disguised effort to free cowardice from reproach. For a criminal is also implicitly a coward, independently of his age or country of origin. Continue reading

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