Changes to the ‘yourdailyshakespeare’ website.

As some may have noticed, there have been no new added posts to this site. There was “more than one cause of this effect,” as Polonius would say, and none of greater weight than the others. Perhaps the prevailing one has to do with the book I have written, titled “Shakespeare in Pictures – How to Store in mind scores of Shakespearean quotes to entertain your friends and discourage your enemies, with Mnemonic Frames.” This is my answer to a general question such as, “Shakespeare is a tremendous source of effective quotes, but how can one ever remember them?” ‘Mnemonic Frames’ is a method I developed through many years to keep in mind a large number of pointed quotes ready for delivery at the eight time and place. The new book is actually a ‘printed book + Internet combination’.

Another reason is that through the years, my articles had their largest audience with the website “The Saker.” For various reasons that website has stopped operations earlier in the year (in the US)

For about one year, I have been making  a weekly (Monday) contribution to a radio program out of London titled,  Andrew’s program has a large audience worldwide.

The 550 plus articles all available on this website describe specific events under a ‘Shakespearean’ perspective – in their own way they are the essence or the concentrate of 12 years of current world history.  Depending on time (‘the ceaseless lackey of eternity’  – Rape of Lucrece) I may collect them into a printed volume.  10-12 years of world history observed through a Shakespearean eye.

Finally, I have concentrated by efforts in producing videos, accessible through the tags in the index.  Effective immediately, all new videos will also be listed in the landing page of this website, and will be accessed accordingly.

I take this occasion to thank all those readers and followers who have purchased a copy of my “Your Daily Shakespeare – an Arsenal of Verbal Weapons to Drive your Friends into Action and your Enemies into Despair.’ The letters that I regularly receive from readers, describing the success they enjoyed by dropping the right Shakespearean quote at the right time, are a source of continued satisfaction. Where the sense of humor and the sense of beauty are not yet dead, there is still hope.

Thank you for your continued support,

Jimmie Moglia

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